Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A few monks' prayers might not hurt...

NOW READING: absolutely nothing

We are approaching the 14-hour mark. Wow! That's huge! Fourteen hours from now I will put to rest the madness of these first year law school exams. And then...then...oh, glorious freedom! Oh happy day! I can return to reading The Name of the Rose!!!!!

Fourteen hours. I can make it. And maybe just maybe I can write a brilliant Property exam in the meantime, with the light of Umberto shining at the end of my tunnel of adverse possession...with William as my guide...he could conquer this exam. He sure could. He would so put Professor One-Man-Show squarely in his place, too.

Fourteen hours. Fourteen hours. Fourteen more hours. Where does that put me now? Nones? Vespers? Compline? Who knows? But I'm almost free.

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