Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zipless Jest

NOW FINISHED: El bosque de los pigmeos de Isabel Allende
NOW READING: Fear of Flying by Erica Jong
NOW NOT READING: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

I suppose I should also point out that my first final is in two weeks and two days and I am plunging headlong into all things review and studying. So it's not as if I'm reading much of Erica. Although I was pleased to see this in last week's New Yorker. Girl is still relevant. Woo hoo! I am rather enjoying the book. As with most things created before I was born, it doesn't strike me as partiuclarly scandalous; shock and awe just don't endure, I guess.

What I like about Fear of Flying isn't that Isadora/Erica is willing to "get real" about men, sex, marriage, affairs, orgasms, and the like -- or at least that's what she tells herself/us as she narrates this little European escapade and its frenzy of flashbacks -- but that it is so literary! There must be hundreds of literary allusions. In fact, I think there might be thousands and I am only getting hundreds. A girl can only be so well-read, you know. Especially if one's literary blog projects are so totally always on hold because of silly ol' LAW SCHOOL. That, or a thousand page Infinite Joke...or Jest...or something. Ha.

Thought: Erica Jong and David Foster Wallace having a few beers together (and/or sitting around taking hits from the bong), discussing literature and life. Hmmm...

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