Saturday, January 27, 2007

And it's all I thought it would be

I am now officially loving The Information. Because Richard Tull's cynical observations about New York, D.C., Miami, Chicago, the United States, the obsession with the automobile that's slowly killing all of us, it's all just fantastic.

I now officially and delightedly recommend that you all read this book. In fact, I strongly urge it! Because it is genius. When you get to part three, it is all kicked up a notch.

*sighs contentedly*

Because, you see, here's the thing Richard. These observations you make? Wherein you really take Americans to task for their ridiculous behavior, while at the same time exhibiting a slightly wary or possibly even a bit jealous respect for all there is on offer? Well, some of us United States-ians feel that way, too.

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