Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why, Insomnia, Why

Last night I couldn't sleep. That was terrible, because I had to get up for my Contracts final this morning, and I was totally afraid of oversleeping. But I used some of my "I-can't-sleep" hours to finish reading The Why Cafe. For those who are aghast at the very notion of my doing any leisure reading when I could/should be studying, let me just say -- go away! Also, this book is more like a pamphlet. Think Who Moved My Cheese? It doesn't actually take much time out of one's life to read it.

What it DOES do is present a fable written by a businessman who's not a particularly spectacular writer but who had an epiphany (again like WMMC?) and so decided to write a book that gives you some things to think about with regard to your life. Such as:

Why are you here?
Are you fulfilled?
Does doing what most people are doing help you to fulfill your purpose for existing? of my can't be afraid of dying without having done something if you've already done it, or if you are doing it every day.

This book was a totally random find.

It also has a cute picture of coffee on the cover.

This morning on my way into the law school building for the Contracts final, I saw a classmate. We exchanged the usual knowing how-are-yous. Then he said, motioning to my DD cup in hand, well, if you're able to drink coffeee...! And he trailed off. Implying that others were perhaps too stressed/jittery/anxious to drink coffee.

Give up my morning coffee? For a FINAL? Are you kidding me? From my cold dead hands!!!

America runs on Dunkin', you know. That's what they tell me anyway. Korea does not RUN on Dunkin' but there is certainly enough of it there for it to do so if it so chose. I personally ran on Dunkin' while I was there during the week, and I ran on Starbucks on the weekends.

Pity to those of you in some western states and various international locales that aren't Korea and wherever else DD has spread who don't know what I'm talking about, who never get to experience the glories of the morning cup o' Dunkin!

(And by the way I don't like doughnuts.)

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