Monday, May 08, 2006


Besides this, the entire staff of the Russian army was now reorganized...Very serious consideration had to be given to the question whether it would be better to put A in B's place and B in D's place, or to put D in A's place and so on--as if anything more than A's or B's satisfaction depended on this. - pp. 1183-1184

I dare say that reminds me of a Borders restructure or two!

Lately some of my friends and co-workers here have seen me with my tattered copy of The Book again, and this makes them ask the perfectly logical question: "Aren't you done yet?" Well, perhaps not perfectly logical, seeing as if I WERE done I likely wouldn't be carrying it AROUND now would I? But yeah, today was the first day in weeks and weeks --like maybe six or seven of them--that I've taken the book to work with me in my backpack and had time to read a bit in the coffee shop during my afternoon break. And there probably were things I could have been doing for the play as I sat sipping my cappuccino, but I read instead.

Also, I have received my first official "I'm done" from a friend back home who took the plunge, and that's scary. He totally kicked my butt! I still have 200 pages to go! I would like to point out that he needs to comment a bit on here though, now that he's DONE.

But only comment up to page 1200! Don't tell me what happens!!!

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the queen said...

I got done twice, once with a tattered hardbound copy (did your who's-who list fall out?) and once with an untouched copy I found at the in-laws.

It's just woven into my brain - I can't get a fever without thinking of the fly crawling up the wallpaper for an entire chapter.

I need to read it again. Once per decade.